Wrapping up another season of parish coffee and donuts (2015-2016)!

As the St. Elizabeth Parish enters into the summer months, and parishioners begin leaving the area on vacations and other excursions, we suspend service of coffee and donuts after Sunday masses until September.

The parish Knights have volunteered every 3rd Sunday during this time to serve coffee and donuts (provided by the parish), which involves portioning the servings, brewing the coffee, ensuring each mass gets enough of each and cleaning up afterwards. The council uses the opportunity to both serve the church, as well as promote the council’s service-oriented mission.

We’d like to thank all the Knights who helped each Sunday, and especially Bill Fitzsimmons to coordinated volunteers for every weekend. Thanks, and happy Summer!

Getachew, Bill and Roger serving our final Sunday before Summer 2016

Bill Fitzsimmons

Final cleanup before Summer 2016

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