Why Buy Life Insurance?


Why should you buy life insurance anyway?


…if your wife does become a widow, funds are created automatically, immediately,and at the least possible cost.

…only life insurance will provide a steady income,a guaranteed amount month after month.

…with a check coming in monthly, she can budget accordingly.

…life insurance gives her a precious freedom of choice:

  • · She can work if she wants to, as a hobby, not as a necessity.
  • · She can live with her grown children if she pleases as a welcome visitor.
  • · She can call on charitable agencies if she likes to offer help not to ask for help.

Life insurance is nothing less than an expression of your respect, your concern and your love of your wife and your family. Just ask any widow.

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Rick Morin, FICF, LUTCF

Your Fraternal Benefits Advisor


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