Thinking about a vacation (Fraternal Benefits)

No doubt the signs of spring have had their effect on you.  Initially, getting outdoors is the obvious thing to do.  We start by poking around the garden, working on the lawn, attending softball practice, dusting off the gas grill.

Beneath it all we sense that vacation time is near.  This pleases everyone.  It doesn’t matter whether we are planning an elaborate vacation or will simply enjoy the company of our family at home – the feeling is the same.  Vacations are fun.

If we’ve planned properly, chances are that some of our hard earned dollars have been set aside for this occasion.  We recognize that if we plan to spend money in the pursuit of enjoyment, the ordinary fixed expenses – mortgage, utilities, etc. – must still be paid.  So you need a “vacation fund”.

All of this makes good sense.  The soundness of the idea is obvious.  Isn’t it amazing that so many of us see the wisdom of planning for our vacations each summer, but fail to plan our long range vacation – retirement.  The government has thought about it and encouraged your independence at retirement age.  Your place of employment has probably thought about it and planned a pension for you.

The only one left is you…it’s time you thought about it.  Find out how you can add to government and employer programs an amount sufficient to provide for you and yours.

After all, retirement is the longest vacation you’ll ever take.  Call me today and we’ll plan it together.

Rick Morin, FICF

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