The Knights helped prevent utter chaos at St. Elizabeth’s 40th celebration Gala!

With 5pm Mass, school events and over 500 attendees all converging on our parish at the same time, the Knights worked together beautifully to ensure all those who needed parking got proper instructions and directions and no accidents occurred (or even complaints!).

Both the parish and our pastor Monsignor Jack Macfarlane were celebrating their 25th anniversary/ordination, respectively, and held a Gala with over 500 attendees. There was limited parking available for the church, but the Knights coordinated and directed traffic for overlapping events at the school, church (5pm mass) and the Gala (beginning at 5:30pm) with full accolades from the pastor and parish staff (and with no complaints from patrons). The brothers (including two candidates) used radios to communicate throughout the 3 hours of parking direction and showed their unity, fraternity and teamwork abilities.

Thanks to all the brothers who helped coordinate parking for 3 hours in the chill, and let’s look forward to the parish picnic next year!

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