Thanks to our volunteers for the Annual Parish Yard Sale!

Even though we had 3 competing events today, we were able to help the parish to both set up and tear down tables for the Annual Parish Yard Sale. We had close to 10 brother Knights help in the morning and/or afternoon.

In the group photo (left to right): Sam Balboa, Stephan Koffi, Jaime Vega, Jim Begis, Brian Belonia, Mike Onzay, Bob Storz, and Tim Kluis. Click on the photo for original, larger version:
Special thanks to Luke O’Boyle and his children Brendan and Maggie who were a great help moving tables and chairs back into the cafeteria! Another big thanks to Joe Mitala and Sam Balboa for providing their vehicles in this effort!
Additional Photos.
Brian Belonia

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