Teach your children well (November 2015 Fraternal Benefits Article)

Raising children is probably the hardest job you’ll ever take. It requires you to wear more hats than you ever thought possible. Cook, chauffeur, nurse, counselor and many more… and that’s often in one morning. One of the most important roles you accept as a parent is that of a teacher. Before they even get to school, you’ll teach your children so much, and before they get out into the world, you’ll instill values that they will carry with them.

Sometimes the values you want to impart (respect, compassion, accountability, financial responsibility, etc.) often run counter to what our instant-gratification driven society values. So, we strive to teach by example.

This is one good reason to carry enough life insurance to protect your family. This one simple act can show what you value. You’ll show them that you love them and are concerned about their welfare. You’ll show that you take your responsibility to provide for your family seriously, and that you want to make sure they’re provided for even if you’re not around. You’ll show them that investing money in your life insurance protection is more important than the new set of golf clubs you might want, the newest and best home theater system you’ve had your eye on, or whatever else you might be sacrificing to pay the premiums.

It will teach them about priorities. Sure, it may not sink in at the time, especially if any of the sacrifices made prevent them from filling what they see as their immediate “needs” (really things they want, not need, like the newest DVD, video game or article of clothing). In the long run, they will learn from what you do and what you don’t do. Only you can choose the lessons you will teach.

Let’s meet to review your existing coverage. My needs analysis, provided free, will help teach you where your coverage may be lacking. We can plan today to secure your family’s future and set in motion lessons that will last a lifetime.



Bob Callaway, FICF, LUTCF

Supreme Knight Sales Club, 11 Time Qualifier

MDRT, Lifetime Member

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