Tax Time Again! (Fraternal Benefits)

This month, I chose to pass up the opportunity to use the old cliché about two things we must do… although the timing should certainly bring it to mind.

This season, in most homes, is financial accounting time.  I’d like to wager that, at some point in the process, someone will ask (probably you!) “Where did all our money go?”  Surely all of the money we earn finds a home somewhere…the grocer, the mortgage, the tax man.  Very little, if any, is left over for a personal bank account or other investments.  Most of us consider ourselves fortunate if we’ve managed to pay our bills!  Folks usually save what’s leftover…and for most folks, that’s nothing.

The point is, whatever the amount earned, chances are good that it is spent providing for and rearing a family.  Think about that for a minute.  The needs of that family continue – food, shelter, clothing – even if the breadwinner suffers an untimely death.

So what does income tax have to do with insurance?  Simply this…it can serve as a reminder that protection for dependents should include an estimate of the current needs for money.  While it may be convenient to say “I can’t afford it,” that’s probably not accurate – when you consider that your family will be without any income should you die.

With this in mind, your Order has designed a plan which guarantees to continue income to your family for as long as they will need it.  What’s more, this plan will enable you to systematically save some of those dollars so difficult to account for at tax time.

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Rick Morin, FICF

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