St. Elizabeth Knights hosts seminars for Resume Writing and Job Searching

Brother Elli moved to the DC area and immediately joined the Knights. While trying to find a job in the area, he found how difficult it was to go through interviews, resumes, etc., especially with English as a second language. He participated in a number of job groups and seminars, and in the process, decided that he wanted to give back to others once he found a job. Therefore, when appointed Lecturer of the council for this year, he immediately set to work finding speakers to come to the parish to educate the council, as well as any others interested or in need, on various topics.

The first speaker was Corliss Jackson from Chantilly, VA who volunteered her time to educate over 30 council members and parishioners on the process and paperwork required to apply for, interview for and obtain a federal job. We partnered with the newly formed Job Seekers group in the parish to promote the effort, advertised in the parish bulletin for weeks in advance and ensured everything was ready for the speaker on the event evening.

We weren’t sure how many would show as this was our first event, but we had over 30 attendees and a packed house. While we had one problem with the projector, the speaker was able to articulate everything to the audience and we ensured the audience received the presentation in electronic form afterwards.

In addition, we held an equally successful event called “Discover Your Calling” on October 15th.  The speaker, Shira Harrington, is a career consultant, executive recruiter and a subject matter expert and trainer on multi-generational diversity. She has several published articles  and was profiled in the Washington Business Journal. The majority of the participants were actively looking for jobs while some are employed but still looking for other opportunities.

Among the salient features of the presentations are:

  1. The difference between passion and purpose. The speaker differentiated between highly engaged (defined as going beyond the requirements of your job because you love and enjoy doing it) and less engaged employees.
  2. Why do you do what you do?
  3. What’s stopping you from doing what you love?
  4. How can you translate your passion into your life like making it your livelihood or volunteering to gain experience and exposures.
  5. Can your passion be incorporated into your job?

The speaker divided the participants into several groups and gave them time to think about and reflect about those questions. The workshop concluded by having each group shared their discoveries about themselves to all participants. Some of the feedback gathered in the written evaluation form said that, “the workshop provided an excellent venue in finding my calling and realized how it can dramatically and significantly impact my life.”

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