St. Elizabeth Italian Dinner – October 2010

It’s only a few months late, but I wanted to write a bit about our 2nd annual Italian Dinner held at St. Elizabeth Church on October 23, 2010.

We learned quite a bit from our first Italian Dinner held last year, where we broke-even. This year, we made about a $300 profit, which will be used for our charities such as our Seminarian Fund and Memorial Fund for our fallen brothers. While we sold about 20 fewer tickets, we made a profit because we negotiated more properly with the caterer. Last year, for example, we had to pay for almost 20 unsold tickets, while this year we knew to commit later to the actual number sold.

It’s up in the air whether we’ll continue the catered Italian Dinner next Columbian year given the cost of the catering service, but one this is for sure: we all had a great time, the food was wonderful, and we all helped promote the good will, fraternity and unity of the Knights across the St. Elizabeth parish!

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