Social Security (Fraternal Benefits)


Social Security is a wonderful thing, and you pay up to $ 4,000 or more a year for it.  Some folks pay more to FICA than they do in income taxes.  But do you know the amount of benefits you will receive under the law (or how they can be lost)?

For example, do you know:

….        how much your widow and orphans would be entitled to should you die before your children reach age 16?

….        how much your widow will receive after your children reach age 16?

….        how much monthly income you will receive for your retirement after you reach age 62 or age 65?

….        and do you know that it is possible for these benefits to be reduced or lost under certain circumstances?

Social security benefits are intended to supply a floor of protection for a plan of family security and financial independence in old age.  It is important to understand them and how they tie the rest of your financial assets together.

I would be happy to share my knowledge of this topic with you.  Call me for an appointment.


Rick Morin, FICF/LUTCF

Your K of C Agent



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