More photos of the First Annual KofC Italian Dinner

Thanks to Sam for providing these additional photos of the first annual Italian Dinner Night, held at St. Elizabeth’s of Rockville. If you would like the original to any of these photos, feel free to contact us.

Below: Our worthy Grand Knight Jim at the beginning of the dinner.

Below: Our worthy unofficial “Events Coordinator” Bob chatting it up with the guests.

Below: Group photo!

Below: Our Deputy Grand Knight (and Webmaster) Mike slicing the 3 cakes. Honest, I didn’t eat any (until later)!

Below: Treasurer Dave in deep conversation over his meal.

Below: Monsignor Macfarlane mingling with the diners.

Below: The buffet line and cash bar (manned by brothers Bob and Kelly). The caterers from Olazzo’s wore their customary black shirts for the event.

Below: Our festive Italian theme.

Below: The little ones enjoy a bit of Scooby Doo

Below: Former Grand Knight Brian and Financial Secretary Ken manning the 50/50 table.

Below: And our 50/50 winners Jim and his wife. Honestly, it wasn’t rigged! As a note, Jim and his wife donated their winnings to the Tootsie Roll Fund.

Below: Fathers Brian and O’Brien paying a visit.

Below: Fathers Brian and O’Brien, and Kathy!

Below: Aha! We caught you sneaking some cake!

Below: A few of our diners staying for the conversation.

Below: Bob finally got to enjoy a meal of his own!

Below: Bob’s wife Susan helped monitor the little ones. There is no correlation between Susan and “Our Lady of the Swamp”!

Below: Monsignore Macfarlane tries to figure out one of those new-fangled kid’s toys.

Below: Seems quite a few of our guests enjoyed the company as much as the food and stayed a bit to chat.

Below: Some more of our guests, nearing the end of the dinner.

Below: Enjoying some dessert, compliments of the Knights.

Below: Mike and Kelly debating some heavy topics, most likely college football.

The end!

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