Long-Term Care plans offers peace of mind

Since its addition to the Order’s product portfolio in 2000, long-term care insurance has provided the Knights of Columbus with an excellent opportunity to further serve members and their families. And, for our long-term care clients in the United States, a Knights of Columbus Care policy brings added value.

That added value is in the form of a service called “Provider Pathway,” a program offering access to a network of long-term care providers at discounted rates. The network includes discounts on products, such as hearing aids, diabetic supplies, personal emergency response systems, and durable medical equipment, as well as skilled nursing facilities, assisted living, and adult day care. This program is not available in Canada as of yet due to the limited number of providers.

Eligibility for participation in this program is open to Knights of Columbus long-term care insurance policyholders, their spouses, dependent children, parents and parents-in-law. All providers are fully credentialed and meet state licensing requirements.

If you haven’t yet spoken with me about long-term care insurance, you owe it to yourself to do so. There are a few decisions to make in choosing a “plan” — a home health care plan or one that covers facility only, benefit amounts and durations, and the length of the “waiting period” before benefits kick-in. Having a professionally trained agent ― and a brother Knight you can trust ― to help guide you through the process is yet another valuable benefit that comes with your membership. Take advantage of it; contact me today.

Rick Morin, FICF

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