Long Term Care answers tough questions [Fraternal Benefits]

Did you know the average stay in a nursing home lasts three years and that cost could quickly surpass $200,000? How would you pay for this? How would this affect your family? Can your family handle the responsibility and do youwant to place that burden on them? Are you relying on government subsidies to take care of you?

Do you want peace of mind and security? Do you want to maintain your dignity and choice of care options? Doyouwant to preserve your lifetime earnings/savings? Have you minimized the risks against your estate?

Yes, I know there a lot of questions here, and many are difficult to answer. But I can help provide some insight into one of the best options available to you and your wife through the Order.

Long-term care insurance can protect you against the ever-rising costs of care. An LTC policy can keep the burden of care off of your family. This allows your wife to remain your wife and not become your caregiver (or you to remain her husband and not patient or caregiver). With an LTC policy, you remain in control of your dignity and how and where you get care.

The Knights of Columbus can serve as a valuable resource for long term care planning, providing answers to questions you might have and affordable coverage options tailored to your needs.

Contact me to learn more today.


Rick Morin, FICF

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