Legend of the 3 Horsement (Fraternal Benefits)

There is a legend of 3 horsemen crossing the desert at night. Out of the darkness came a voice commanding them to dismount an fill their pockets with pebbles. After they had obeyed and remounted, the voice declared, “Tomorrow at sun-up you will be both glad and sad.”

When dawn came, they reached into their pockets and discovered not pebbles, but diamonds. Then they were both glad and sad … glad they had taken as much as they had; sad they had not taken more!!

And so it is with life insurance!

Brothers, if you know you need to review what you have … don’t wait any longer. I’m here for your benefit. Call me now and I’ll bring you something more than life insurance … I can bring you and your family  peace of mind.


Rick Morin, FICF, LUTCF



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