It takes more than money…(Fraternal Benefits)

Most commodities can be bought provided you 1) have the money, 2) can find a willing seller, and 3) can agree on a satisfactory price. In like manner, most investments- real estate, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, bank accounts- require only an arm’s length agreement and a deal is struck. All it takes is money.

There is one notable exception to the above statements. The purchase of life insurance. When the purchase of life insurance is considered, in addition to setting aside dollars, the prospective insured must prove that he is in good health. If a man is deemed to be “uninsurable”, no amount of money will make this commodity available to him.

The ability to qualify for life insurance is an asset that is temporary at best. Without warning, your health can fail, and you may never be able to add to your life insurance program. Other hazards may prevent you from qualifying- occupation, character, even old age. What would happen if you suddenly woke up and decided to buy life insurance, but had lost your ability to qualify for it? Ever think about that?

As for our children and “younger” members- I can tell you about our guarantee purchase option. Think about that! The ability to secure additional insurance, depending on the amount of your option, on a guarantee basis- without necessarily being in good health. This option can be added at issue of a new certificate up through age 37. Find out at your convenience how little it costs to guarantee the right to increase your protection.

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Rick Morin, FICF
Your Fraternal Benefits Advisor

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