Grand Knight’s Report – October 14, 2014

The Lead:

Although we have our prayers at the close of the meeting, I wanted to start by asking everyone to keep two of our Council members in mind:  David Fleskes, who passed away a few weeks ago.  As Richard noted in when he gave us the news, David served as financial secretary and treasurer in the early days of our council and provided a stable, firm footing and strong leadership.  Also Bob Callaway, who is going to have surgery to remove a tumor on his kidney – as he wrote, while it is likely to be cancerous, the “good news” in his words is that it does not appear to have spread and the surgery should effect the cure.

Thanks again for coming tonight.  As you know this is a busy couple of months for us:  Church – Spiff Up Day and Christmas Trees (same in 2013); Community – Habitat for Humanity and the Italian Dinner (Habitat); Council – Star Council Award (Star Council); Family – Christmas Party (same); Youth – Coats for Kids (same); and Life – Pro Life Mass (Statues blessing).

Recent accomplishments:

9/27  Special Olympics Maryland $100

9/23 Hosted Second Degree – Charlie Neikam

9/21 Coffee and Donuts kicked off – with come great photos of Bruce Lovelace and Bill Fitzpatrick.

9/28 Ordered Coats for Kids – 1 dozen boys and 1 dozen girls – Cost $220 x2 = $440

10/4 Habitat for Humanity – check out the video on our Council web site

10/11 Columbus Day Ball and Mustang Raffle

Important reminders this month:

This week is a big one for us:

10/15 Chapter Meeting at Rock Creek Park.  This is very close, so it’s a great opportunity to check out this forum that Richard presides over.

10/17 – Our 15th anniversary.

10/18 Italian dinner from 5:00 – 7:30.  This is also our Council anniversary and the month we are highlighted as part of the parish’s 50th anniversary.  We need lots of help at the event – and Bob has tickets for sale in case you missed it.

10/18 Sullivan Brothers Assembly Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Tournament at St. Raphael’s from ~6-11 pm.

10/19 Recognition of Chapter at 10:30 Mass.  Roger and Vinny are taking the lead on a Pro-Life Mass here at St. Elizabeth on Tuesday 10/28/14 followed by a reception as our Social Meeting that month.

10/19 Coffee and donuts after 10:30 and 12:15 Masses (with Bill Fitzsimmons traveling)

Next up is our Life Mass on Tuesday 10/28.

Then we can take a collective deep breath until the week of 11/10.

Our next business meeting is on the Tuesday 11/11 – which includes a First Degree ceremony.

We do our Spiff Up Day on Saturday 11/15.  Two extra inducements to join in beautifying the parish:  I’m proposing we hold our November social immediately afterwards – at Baying Hound Brewery or something similar and even more importantly Cardinal Wuerl is coming to St. Elizabeth on Sunday 11/16.

New and upcoming:

See you at the Dinner and Mass.

Vivat Jesus,



10/14/14 Day Type Alert Deg Event
10/14/14 Tue Business   Business Meeting
10/15/14 Wed Youth Virtus training – St. Elizabeth at 6:30 pm
10/15/14 Wed Chapter McNamara Chapter meeting – Rock Creek
10/17/14 Fri Ceremony XXX 15th Year Anniversary of St. Elizabeth Council No. 12796
10/18/14 Sat Church XXX   Columbus Day Italian Supper (Parish Hall set)
10/19/14 Sun Church     Council recognized at 10:30 Mass
10/19/14 Sun Council     Coffee & Doughnuts after 10:30 & 12:15 Masses
10/23/14 Thu Degree 2nd Rock Creek Council
 10/24/14 Fri State State Fall Meeting 10/24-26
10/28/14 Tue Life XXX Right to Life Mass at 7:30 pm hosted by St. Elizabeth Council – and followed by Social Meeting (Church and Commons)
Nov-14 Sun Xmas Unload Trees?
11/01/14 Sat State Financial Secretary & Tax Seminar – Treasurers and Trustees are invited, too – Easton
11/11/14 Tue Business     Business Meeting
11/11/14 Tue Degree Host XXX 1st First degree  – St. Elizabeth  (Moved from 10/28 to accommodate Life Mass)
11/12/14 Wed Degree 1st Msgr Thomas Wells
11/13/14 Thu Degree 1st Rock Creek Council
11/13/14 Thu Degree 1st Mater Dei
11/15/14 Sat Church     Church Clean-up
11/15/14 Sat Social Baying Hound Brewery (tentative from 11/25)
11/16/14 Sun Council Coffee & Doughnuts after 10:30 & 12:15 Masses
11/19/14 Wed State   State Memorial Mass for Knights who have died
11/19/14 Wed Chapter   McNamara Chapter meeting – Bowie – Memorial Mass and Silent Auction (GK send names to Chapter)
11/27/14 Thu Social Thanksgiving
Dec-14 Wed Social Christmas Party
Dec-14 Wed Xmas Christmas trees



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