Fraternal Benefits October Newsletter


97% of all Americans live paycheck to paycheck.  3% of the populace have disciplined themselves into some type of forced savings programs, which has enabled them to have money available when an opportunity arises.

Interestingly enough, 97% of us end up working for the mighty 3%.  Why?  Because you usually need start up funds to form a business, or buy real estate or take a chance on a stock tip.  Only those who have saved first, can then invest.

The man who invests before he saves is taking a big risk, some would call it a foolish gamble.

As your Knights of Columbus Fraternal Benefits Advisor, I can show you some excellent savings programs.  They say a journey begins with a single footstep…why not start your journey to financial independence by calling me today so we can discuss your future, your goals and your needs.  My ideas will work for an 18 year old or a 75 year old.  Call to set up a computerized analysis today.

Rick Morin, FICF
Your K of C Agent

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