District Deputy Report for May 2016

I bring you greetings from our State Deputy Stephen M. Cohen, who’s motto this year is “Be Not Afraid, Our Faith Is Our Courage”.

It’s hard to believe that it is May already, time flies by fast, only two months left in this Columbian Year!  Thus “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”…. So… Under MEMBERSHIP – STRIVE FOR STAR COUNCIL. We are getting close – Keep recruiting – Keep holding Admission Degrees.  FS, turn in Form 100s within 2 days of degree. Meet with Insurance Agents if you are close to Star Council, keep them in the loop!

Our councils have put on many PROGRAMS within District 18 this Columbian Year. Many of them have been written up and submitted in the Quarterly Reports to State.  At the State Convention awards will be presented for the best. Don’t forget to congratulate those that win at the Ocean. In addition, those same quarterly program reports can be used to fill out the SP-7 form – Columbian Report. Ensure that your council submits it’s SP-7 before June 30th, it is recommended that your council may want to submit on or before June 15th to insure that Supreme receives the report and records it as submitted and complete before the Deadline of 30 June. This is one of the requirements for STAR Council Award and also one of the reports usually forgotten! Don’t lose STAR Council award because you didn’t turn in the SP-7.

Reminder as we head towards the end of our current Columbian Year that it is also the time for ELECTIONS for Office. Your councils should have Council elections starting. Don’t forget to include nominating/appointing Delegates and Alternates to the upcoming State Convention in 2017 for the Credentials are due on or BEFORE July 1st, of this year, 2016 to STATE!  Usually the newly elected Grand Knight and the immediate Past Grand Knight are the Delegates with 2 alternates to the Delegates.  In addition to the Credentials, also a reminder that the Forms 185, and 365 need to be submitted for next year are also due June 30th, 2016! So as soon as you have held your council elections submit the Form 185 – Officers Chosen to Supreme and copies to STATE and District Deputy! The Same for Form 365 – Program Personnel is due June 30th, 2016.

To the INCOMING GRAND KNIGHTS, Reminder that the Leadership Seminar – is the  last weekend in June @ Solomans.  I encourage you to have your wives attend, this is a time when they will meet and get to know the other incoming Grand Knight wives.  This is helpful when they attend other council, district and state functions during the Columbian year, they will at least know or recognize another GK wife and/or State Officers and their wives.  In addition, it is highly recommended that the incoming Grand Knights meet with their Pastors to deliver the message that Supreme, State, and their council is there to support the Pastors and the Parishes. And Finally, as incoming Grand Knights, be ready on July 1 – all planning is done – time to execute. (Don’t forget to plan for your Council Installation of Officers. Make sure you have checked the dates with your District Deputy to make sure he is available since he is the one performing the ceremony! Once you lock in the date with the DD, reserve the Church and Hall, Invite the State Deputy, the 4th Degree Color Corps, etc….)  If all else fails, and if you remember just one thing, Ask your Council Past Grand Knights for help and advise to assist you.  They’ve been there, done that.  Just like a prospective candidate, Just ask!

And finally, Registration and Reservations made, I hope to see you all at the Maryland State Council Convention at Ocean City this mid May! Until then.

Vivat Jesus,

Kevin Kittka, District Deputy

District Number 18

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