District Deputy Newsletter May 2012

Worthy Brothers All,

Outside the window of my den the birds chirp and my fresh mown lawn basks in the spring afternoon sunshine. It is the Easter season and Resurrection joy fills my home. Peace reigns triumphant in my little corner.

To look outside I could mistakenly believe that all is at peace, but slowly this peace is coming under attack. Our religious freedom that we have cherished for over two hundred years is slowly, silently becoming dismantled. Our state deputy, Peter Davio, eloquently laid out the pressing dangers ahead in the recent Leadership Bulletin distributed to the Grand Knight and Financial Secretary of your council. It outlines basic steps we as Catholic men and knights must do to protect our religious freedom.

For many Catholics, the issues of the preceding months seem political in nature. To the extent that politics is the governing of the state this is true, but a closer examination of the issue reveals that this is not politics as usual—it is a very well coordinated and crafted efgort to remove the convictions of our faith from the public realm. In short it is an attempt to reduce our faith to the confines of our church buildings where we worship. The Knights of Columbus has offered 130 years of service to the common good of all within our society. Our very mission is under attack.

I ask two things of the knights in your council: First, that the Grand Knight read in full the State Deputy’s Letter at the next council business meeting, and second I urge all knights to visit and read the Freedom of Conscience Section of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) www.usccb.org/conscience. You must understand what is before us as we face what our state deputy defines as a “Rough Road Ahead.”

I hope to see as many knights as possible in the next two months as I complete my service to all brother knights and their families.

Vivat Jesus!

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