District Deputy Newsletter March 2012

Worthy Brothers All,

In this season of Lent we find ourselves on the solitary journey to Jerusalem following the footsteps of our Lord seeking an encounter with nothing other than the Son of God. What an overwhelming prospect! The humility and courage necessary to walk this narrow road is only possible because of the corresponding grace that comes to those who take up their crosses.

The following prayer captures the difficult road we face:


Give me

 shoulders broad enough,

 a back strong enough, and

a heart resilient enough

to do your will.

National events in the recent weeks place a paradox before us: to carry our own cross, but to do so in unity with other Knights as we support our priests, bishops, and cardinals and fellow Catholics as we endeavor to live out our moral convictions.

The words of our State Deputy’s motto ring even truer with each passing day, “Mary make us always aware” that as your Knights, we are constantly approved, our faith judged and our order appreciated.

In these uncertain days please pray daily for the Catholic Church, our priests, our fellow knights, and our nation.

Richard Earenfight

District Deputy

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