District Deputy Newsletter February 2012

Worthy Brothers All,

Our Worthy State Deputy Peter Davio has placed before us a challenge for the remainder of the fraternal year—get fish in the boat! Building on the metaphor that our Lord used, as Knights we are called to be fishers of men. District 18 has been a leader in membership growth within the State of Maryland. Thank you all! Our councils have answered the call of our State Deputy. I encourage all knights to be proud of our order. When you speak to another man don’t ask him to join the Knights of Columbus, ask him if he is a member. This small turn of the phrase puts the emphasis in the correct light—you are placing that man in the best position possible! This provides you an opportunity to praise the man for all of his qualities that you have already recognized. If he responds “No,” any response you give will only build him up. You can speak about him and what you see him doing that makes him already the perfect candidate.
Yes it is. But keep in mind that this man who would benefit so much from standing beside us shoulder-to-shoulder cannot even imagine how his life will change.  You can be the one who offers him that opportunity. Consider the Apostles, how humble and hard working they were just to catch fish to make a living.  You are offering another man more than a living, you are offering him an opportunity to stand next to the fishers of men and join him in his task of bringing other men closer to God.
Please keep in your prayers those who suffer physical and mental pain this winter. Pray daily for our Holy Father, our troops, and those at the margins of our society—the unborn and the disabled.
Vivat Jesus!

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