District Deputy Newsletter April 2012

Worthy Brothers All,

My wife Ronda and I send you our blessings in the midst of the holiest time of our liturgical year.  May your personal spiritual journey bring you closer to our Lord Jesus Christ.
With only a few months left in our Columbian Year the power of spring energizes our councils: preparations for the State Convention are in full gear, outdoor projects beckon many knights for spring cleanup campaigns, nominations for new officers resound in council halls. Everything is new again even as we are “old” in the fraternal year.  This paradox is a healthy balance. It reminds us that life is ever new even as we prepare to conclude the plans we set out nine months ago.
I would like to thank all the council officers for their hard work and expertise that they brought to your assigned roles this year.
For some a year of rest is ahead, for others, the next year will bring new experiences that add to your present skills. We need you to learn as much as you can. Our future rests on your success.
Richard Earenfight
District Deputy

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