District Deputy Letter for September 2011

Worthy Brothers All,

With the Supreme Convention in Denver behind us, we enter one of the busiest seasons of the year for our order. By now your council Tootsie Roll Chairman should have a calendar of collection dates and locations available so council members can sign up to volunteer.  Your Youth Chairman should contact our District Warden, Wes Chin, to let him know when you plan to conduct your council soccer shoot-out. It is not too early to create your council’s necrology for your council Memorial Mass. This necrology should be submitted to the Maryland State Council Church Activities Director, Brian O’Connor, and the McNamara Chapter Secretary Brian Werring.

If you have not hosted the Marian Icon, contact Greg McLain, Our Lady of Guadalupe ICON Chairman, under the Church Committee Chairman, to arrange a date to have it visit your council. We may be able to hold a district wide Marian Prayer Service this year and hold it at a parish within the district.

We have had a very broad recruitment effort within the district so far.  All councils have held a first degree this year and it’s only September! Some councils are at the fifty percent mark for their annual quota! Congratulations. Let’s keep our recruitment going strong by encouraging other Catholic men to stand beside us through the first degrees in the next few months.  Mark your calendars for these first degree dates and locations: September 8 at St. Manyanet, September 22 at Rock Creek, and October 11 at Saint Elizabeth.

Wes Chin and I thank all the councils for the heartfelt hospitality at each of the council installations. The Grand Knights have been gracious and kind. The receptions at each council continue to build on the rich and varied traditions. Thank you Grand Knights who were able to attend as many installations as you did. It is a “grand” tradition that continues alive and well.

Please remember to say a prayer for all the souls who lost their lives ten years ago on that tragic morning of September Eleventh. Always keep Mary in your heart and seek her intercession daily.

Vivat Jesus!

 Richard Earenfight

District Deputy





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