District Deputy Letter for October 2011

Worthy Brothers All,
October is the month of Our Lady of the Rosary. Please try to say this special prayer to Our Lady each day. Her intercession is special of all the saints. She carried and bore our God. Seek our Lord through her and you will be assured of many graces.
The Columbus Day Ball is Saturday October 8. Reservations are due by Monday September 26. If you missed the deadline, you may contact George Floria at301-627-3923. There is also a ceremony in Washington DC on Monday, October 10.
Autumn is here and as the leaves change color let us keep in mind that our souls, too, are preparing for winter. Soon we will be celebrating All Souls Day and All Saints Day. As these somber days approach, take time to take stock of the past liturgical year. Now would be a time to receive the sacrament of confession, go for an afternoon walk alone in silence, or take shelter at a coffee shop for a coffee. Collect your thoughts, and with the shorter days, go gentle into the darker days where paradoxically, our souls grow brighter with the warmth of God’s love.
God Bless.
Richard Earenfght
District Deputy

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