District Deputy Letter for May 2011

Worthy Brothers All,

May this Easter Season bring you special graces and a deepening of your love for our Lord. The next few weeks invite us to look at this past year’s accomplishments. The State Convention will be an opportunity to celebrate with other councils as well. I look forward to visiting with many of you in Ocean City. Rock Creek Council’s hospitality Room has become the customary home for our District, and I invite everyone to spend some time connecting with old friends as well as meeting new leaders for the upcoming Columbian year.

I want to thank all the officers in your council for their service to our Lord. A unique quality that the Knights of Columbus offers is both an opportunity to grow in our love for our Lord as well as serve him every day. No other fraternal organization as large as ours can make this claim.

All Grand Knights in District 18 deserve sincere thanks from their fellow knights. I extend mine to Mike Horan of Rock Creek Council No. 2797; Roger Szabo of Saint Joseph Manyanet Council No. 5567; Ted Tate of Mater Dei Council No. 9774; and Mike Townsend of Saint Elizabeth Council No. 12796. These men accepted the challenge and responsibility as stewards of their councils. Their attention to the care of their councils is the be commended.

Finally, I  extend my sincere thanks to our District Warden Wes Chin and his lovely wife Jo Ann. Their gracious manner and style make District 18 one to be emulated.

God Bless. I look forward to meeting the new leaders of each of our councils in June.

Richard Earenfight
District Deputy

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