District Deputy Letter for March 2011

Worthy Brother All,

Anticipation mounts everywhere. This March is a special confluence of many remarkable events in our church, our seasons, and within the Knights of Columbus.

March 25th heralds the beautiful day of the Annunciation. This blessed liturgical event celebrates the angel’s visit to our Lady announcing the future coming of our “Lord as Man.”  Of all days, try to say  a special Rosary that our Lord will enter our hearts, and that we respond as our Blessed Mother did with faithful obedience to our Father’s will. The simple conversion of our souls is the foundation to all holiness. Whenever the event of a decade of the Rosary occurs on our church calendar, we owe it to our Lord and ourselves to celebrate it in some small way. We also anticipate the arrival of the New Roman Missal, Third Edition.   Bishops and Cardinals have begun speaking about what we can anticipate in the months to come as we prepare to celebrate the mysteries of our redemption more deeply.

Only two days before the Annunciation we observe the first day of spring on March 21. Here nature echoes the change in our hearts as we prepare for a deeper conversion with Easter only a month away.

And the Knights of Columbus joins both nature and the church as it, too, prepares for its future. By now councils should be preparing a slate of officers for June elections. Don’t forget to make preparations for the State Convention May 13-15. Credentials are due to Bill Kuchmas, State Secretary, by April 1.

Who would have thought that in the last few silent weeks of winter that so much was happening in silence and darkness. That is the mystery of our faith, but also its beauty and power.

I look forward to seeing everyone at our council meetings in the weeks ahead.


God Bless.


Richard Earenfight

District Deputy 18


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