District Deputy Letter for February 2011

Worthy Brothers All,

February is a month that lives in the dead of winter. The holidays have passed, and spring is one month away.
It is a time when the fire of faith must burn strong in our hearts. We gathered to support life on January 24th
in twenty-degree temperatures. Even Lent begins late this year on March ninth– two weeks into the month.

Our Lord and many saints speak of the seed growing in silence and darkness before it appears. I assure you, the seed is growing even if we do not see it. Take heart. The steady, every day practice of our faith and its rhythm speak to the strength that we possess.

In this dormant time, ironically, there is much activity. Grand Knights and council officers should be preparing their credentials for the State Convention in May; a preliminary slate of next year’s officers should be discussed at council meetings; and trustees should be meeting to prepare the Semiannual Council Audit due February 15.

On one of these long winter evenings, pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea and reflect on what it means to be a knight. Whether this is your first year or your thirtieth, you made a commitment to being a better Catholic gentleman. Your life is different because of the decision you made to take your first degree. Consider participating in one council event this spring. Make it an expression of your faith and enjoy the fraternity of your fellow brothers.


Richard Earenfight
District Deputy 18
Maryland State Council
Knights of Columbus

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