District Deputy Letter for December 2011

Advent is the arrival of a notable person or event. This year we welcome our Lord into our hearts once again and a renewed manner with which to worship him in our liturgy with the Roman Missal: Third Edition. Once again we praise our Lord with words that have always existed in the Latin liturgy but absent from the English translation.  Both are significant events. With the longest possible Advent season on the church calendar this year, we will have ample time to prepare our hearts for his arrival with a new English translation.

“So That the World May Know New Hope,” is this year’s theme announced at this summer’s Supreme Convention by Carl Anderson, our Supreme Knight. Advent rings aloud with this hope and invites us to share our renewed hope through our actions whether it’s participating in the annual Coats for Kids Campaign, the Tootsie Roll Drive, parish charity events, or Christmas celebrations. Always keep in mind that even if you cannot be as active as you wish or once were, you can always pray. A life of devout and fervent prayer is an active way to participate in our Lord’s work among us. Do not think your efforts are small; your prayers, joined with others around the world, are quite significant.

Shortly after Christmas the Maryland State Council will hold its Mid Year meeting for Grand Knights and District Deputies at Cardinal Gibbons Council on January 7th. The week afterward, our district will hold a first degree, a second degree, and a third degree. So, rest up and be ready for a busy few weeks after the holiday season.

As we gather for our council Christmas parties, please remember those who are not with us this year.

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