District Deputy Letter for August 2011

Worthy Brothers All,

As Knights of Columbus we embrace a legacy that defends religious freedom supplies a safety net for families in need and embracing those on the margins whether they be the unborn or those with disabilities. Let others know who we are and what we stand for. Share the good that that we do whenever you can, and if you need help visit the Supreme Website and view the new media commercials that express this point in a stunning and impressive visual manner. Each of the four commercials are available on the main page of kofc.org.  Make these presentations part of any recruitment effort you plan for the upcoming year.

Take a minute to jot down these dates of upcoming events scheduled this fall. The Columbus Day Ball is October 8 at La Fontaine Bleue and the State Memorial Mass is November 13. If you are football fan, plan to attend the Navy Game on November 5. These three events build fraternity and provide an opportunity to meet knights and their families from across the state. These events allow us to share our common bonds with our families and reach out beyond our council meetings and degree ceremonies. If you have not attended one of these events before do so. If it hs been a while since you have attended, make it a goal this year to attend at least one of the three. These events allow us to share a common bond of faith and friendship that stretch beyond our parishes and councils. I encourage you to speak with your fellow knights and signup as and attend.

Vivat Jesus!

Richard Earenfight

District Deputy





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