District Deputy Letter for April 2011

When we look around and see the suffering world upon our doorstep or even in our  hearts, it is difficult to use such a term as Lenten Blessings to help us carry our cross.

But we are called to more than just a cross. The Roman Empire was littered with crosses through all the lands of its realm. What we are drawn to in particular is the crucifix, for upon this wooden cross was God himself in his Son. Our Lord knew that his life would lead to such an end. He was under no illusion about what had to be done. His final day of life on Good Friday was no accident or mission gone awry. He came to put sin to death and take away its sting.

So where does this leave us? We are called to embrace our own cross. To call this a blessing seems a contradiction, but let us recall that we, too, can serve our Father as his Son did through obedience, humility and contrition. As members of the Knights of Columbus family, we are the visible sign of the church to those in our community. The lapel pin that you wear proudly says to others that you have embraced the same cross as our Lord.

Spend some time before the crucifix in the next few weeks and gaze upon Him who embodied the obedience and humility of a son who loved his father even unto death.


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