District 18: District Deputy Report for September 2014

It has been a busy summer!

We’ve attended the State Leadership Seminar, State Programs Seminar, Councils in the middle of the Car Raffle fund raiser, and the Council Installation of Officers done for the Columbian Year.  The first batch of Reports are turned in to Supreme, State, and District, and to think the First Quarter isn’t over yet!

  • There is the State Family Picnic to be held at Prince Georges Council September 13th from 1 to 5pm with a youth Olympics competition and the State-designated Special Olympics Day on September 27th for Councils to hold fund raisers for Special Olympics.
  • There are 2 First Degrees, one at Rock Creek Council September 11th, need to report by 7pm, the degree will start at 8pm.
  • The other First Degree is scheduled for Sept 25th at Mater Dei Council, also need to report at 7pm with the degree starting at 8pm.
  • The District will be holding their first Second Degree scheduled in District 18 for September 23rd at Saint Elizabeth Council, report time at 7pm, degree starts at 8pm.
  • Council plans are in the works for Councils to be holding their Soccer Shoot outs with the top winners to move on to the District Soccer Shoot out in October and the finalists moving on to the State Soccer Shootout to be held November 2nd, 2014.

If you have a candidate that is interested in joining, now would be the time to have them fill out a form 100 and invite them to a First Degree. For those that have taken their First Degree, maybe it’s time to consider taking your Second Degree, there is no cost to you except your time to attend and partake in the degree, but don’t forget to bring your first degree membership card. Talk to your Grand Knight and/or Financial Secretary for additional information.

If you are going to another council to take your degree, you need to let your Financial Secretary know so that he can attend, validate, and fill out the necessary paperwork for you.

Ok, breathe! That’s just some of the highlights. Your councils have all kinds of events going on in Church, Council, Community, Family, Youth, and Culture of Life programs, so check out your council’s website, your council newsletter, and especially attend a business meeting and a social meeting or two.

Some upcoming events for the month of October to keep in mind are the scheduled 1st and 2nd degrees. The Columbus Day Parade in Baltimore October 4th, and the Columbus Day Ball October 11th, to name a few. Also the First Quarter Program Reports are due by Oct 15th to State for all councils.  There is something for everyone, but you need to take the first step, ask a fellow Knight, for our State Deputy’s motto “Be Not Afraid, Our Faith is our Courage” can be applied in many ways!

You won’t know until you try something new at least once. Be not afraid!

Vivat Jesus,
Kevin Kittka, DD
District 18.

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