District 18: District Deputy Report for January 2015

The District No. 18 2nd Annual “Keep Christ in Christmas” Family event was held Friday, Dec 12th at Rock Creek Council.  We had a good turnout of families, lots of food, games, face painting and balloon characters, and there was a surprise visit from Santa Claus!  This year’s event was raising funds to support Supreme’s request for donations to the Christian Relief fund to help those being persecuted in the Middle East for their beliefs.

By the time you read this we will have had the Maryland State Mid-Year Review meeting January 3rd, 2015 with the Grand Knights and Deputy Grand Knights. They will have come back with their batteries recharged ready to take on the second half of our Columbian Year of activities and events.  In addition we will have our annual March for Life event down on the Mall January 22nd, 2015. See your council’s newsletters and/or their webpages for further information on how you can participate in this event.

Reminder: We have several Mid Year Reports due to Supreme and State. This includes the Annual Survey of Fraternal Activity (#1728) due by Jan 30th, and the Semi-Annual Council Audit report (#1295) due by Feb 15th.

We have a Second Degree at Mater Dei Council January 8th starting at 7:30pm. First Degree Members taking the Second Degree need to report by 7pm to St. Raphael Parish School. For new Candidates, there will be a First Degree held at Rock Creek Council January 22nd. , Candidates need to report by 7pm to the Council Lounge area; entrance is in the back of the council.  There will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Degree scheduled for February at Rock Creek if you can not make any of the other degrees.

New candidates and members of the lower degrees can complete their full Knighthood in three evenings.  The First Degree is Thursday Feb 5th (report at 7pm). The Second Degree will be Friday, Feb 6th (report at 7:30pm). The Third Degree will be Saturday, Feb 7th (report at 7:00pm). All three degrees will be at Rock Creek Council #2797.

The councils have or will have conducted their annual Free Throw competitions in January or earlier, with the winner’s participation in the District Free Throw to be scheduled in February and the winners from the Districts to participate in the State Final Free Throw in early March. More to follow.

Lent and Easter are just around the corner! It is also a time for councils to prepare for the next upcoming 2015-2016 Columbian Year with nominations for candidates for Council officer positions and elections. Don’t forget that Council Installation Dates need to be coordinated with your District Deputy! (it would be nice that he is available to attend and install the new incoming officers!…. not a sermon just a friendly reminder!)

The State Convention is coming up in May – Reminder to GKs’/FSs’ – the Council Delegation Credentials were to be submitted back in July 2014.  If you have not done this yet, please do so to State ASAP. The Hospitality Room Reservations at the Hotel are due in to the hotel Now. For those that did not send in their reservation pre-register forms, the call in reservations line will open in the beginning of February.

Remember that every practical Catholic gentleman should be a member of the Knights of Columbus! But they won’t know if you don’t take the first step… “be not afraid…” and ASK them if they would be interested in joining the Knights! And when they do join, ask them to volunteer for one event. Then invite them to a council social event. Show them what it means to be a member of the Knight of Columbus! You do this and your council attaining Star/Double Star/or Triple Star Council Award will take care of itself!

Keep up the excellent work! We’re in the home stretch now, but don’t let up. We have a lot to still accomplish before this Columbian Year is over!

Vivat Jesus,

Kevin Kittka, DD

District No. 18

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