District 18: District Deputy Report for August 2014

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself, I am Kevin Kittka, your District Deputy, District No. 18, for this Columbian Year.  My District Warden is Joe Stewart.

We have attended our Maryland State Installation of officers. We have just come back from the Maryland State Leadership Seminar in Solomon Island, MD, Performed several Council Officer Installations, with several more to go. Hosted our first District Quarterly Meeting with the Grand Knights in our District. With congratulations to our newly elected officers! We’ve taken up the challenge of one new member per council per month… “per Steve”! That was just for the Month of July, we haven’t even started to scratch the surface with degrees, programs, events, etc.. we still have 11 more months to go.  Looking forward to meeting as many new knights as I can over the year.  I just have one favor to ask! To quote a famous leader, “Ask not what your council can do for you, but what you can do for your council”! Ok, maybe I used poetic license on that one, but, Be Active, volunteer to help with one or more activities in your council, help with the Car raffle sales or the  Tootsie Roll program to help raise funds for charitable works for you council!  There is something for everyone, Church, Council, Community, Family, Youth, Life!  I am looking forward to helping, just ask.

 Thank you,

Kevin Kittka, DD, District No 18.

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