District Deputy Letter for June 2011

My Brothers All,

Pentecost Sunday is June 12 and with it comes the end of the Easter Season. June also marks the end of the school year as well as our Columbian Year. It is also a beginning. Our newly Elected Grand Knights are preparing their administrations: At this time I would like to introduce you to the men who will take the helm of their respective councils in our district. Terrance Ryan the former Deputy Grand Knight of Rock Creek Council No. 2797 will serve as Grand Knight. Roger Szabo of Saint Manyanet Council No. 5567 will begin his second year as Grand Knight. Former District Deputy, Pete Zaudtke, will serve as Grand Knight for Mater Dei Council No. 9774. Finally, Mike Townsend will serve as the Grand Knight of Saint Elizabeth Council No. 12796.

Please extend your prayers and best wishes to these men. All Past Grand Knights know the responsibilities these men have undertaken. Their guidance and wisdom will be necessary this year.

District 18 has its installation schedule completed. All incoming Grand Knights would like to see as many knights attend this annual event. The dates are as follows: Rock Creek, July 24; Saint Joseph Manyanet, August 13; Mater Dei, July 16; and Saint Elizabeth, August 14.

We begin our 2011-2012 Columbian Year July 1. I look forward to serving my brother Knights and their families for a second year. With this impressive group of Grand Knights, I am certain District 18 will be putting all the other districts on notice that we have come to serve one and all in our communities.

Richard Earenfight
District Deputy 18
“Mary, Make Us Always Aware”

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