Closing 2016 Columbian Year with a BBQ Party!

Thanks to our worthy Grand Knight Dave Crum, we ended the 2016 Columbian year with fraternity and family at his home where he hosted a BBQ dinner for the council. About two dozen Knights and family were in attendance, including our Pastor Monsignor MacFarlane and Associate Pastor Father Jacob, and a chunk of the party was funded by a 50/50 raffle. Dave cooked up some excellent burgers and dogs, with tasty sides and salads as well. We may honor Dave by naming him “Lifetime Grand Grillmaster” after this weekend!

We have the Reeds to thank for the photos below, and many of the photos provided to the council over the years. Thank you to Christine and Roberta!

IMG_3502 IMG_3503 IMG_3497 IMG_3498

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