Back to School [Fraternal Benefits]

Is there anyone out there who has not noticed the absence of children on the streets during the day? No question about it, school has reopened. Never before has more emphasis been placed on school costs and how to pay for them. Sure, the Order has a scholarship program and a student loan program and our Swift-Matthews Educational Trust Fund does answer particular needs. But most still must borrow money from banks in order to finance a college education for their sons or daughters.

Costs, of course, are up. This comes as no great surprise. In fact, while most people loudly protest increases in food prices, taxes and costs of other services, seldom do they oppose increases in the cost of education. Most parents seem to view college costs as an investment. They are investing money in their children’s future. It has been definitely established that college graduates earn, on the average, from 1 ½ to two times as much as non-college grads. Perhaps this is the reason why costs are so infrequently questioned.

Wise members prepare for these expenses by planning for them in advance. I can tell you of a plan specifically designed with college in mind. It enables you to plan, in advance, for your child’s college bills. It guarantees that if your child has the desire, the ambition, and the drive, he or she will also have the money. Moreover, it has a feature that no other financial institution can offer. If you die, the money you had planned to save will still be there.

Call me today to discuss these needs.

Rick Morin, FICF

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