August 2009 — District Deputy’s Report

My Brothers All,

Already we have finished the first month of this Columbian Year; how quickly time passes by! The new Grand Knights and each of their teams have had a taste of leading each council, and are eager to get themselves busy.

In July my wife and I had the pleasure of attending the Installation of Officers for St. Joseph Manyanet and Rock Creek Councils. In August we will have those for Mater Dei and St. Elizabeth councils. It is always so satisfying to gather with brother knights and their wives; we look forward to visiting them and continue with the friendship we started over a year ago. It is also very gratifying to receive kudos from our Worthy State Deputy, who (of course) as a good captain has to know how each ship is being handled. I was only happy and proud to make sure he knows of the excellent work of our Worthy District Warden, Richard Earenfight, without whose work and support everything would be much more difficult.

I would like to emphasize that the Installation Ceremony is very impressive and moving. The entire membership should make an effort to attend to such occasion; be there to watch their new officers receive their charge, all surrounded by the impressive presence of our Color Corps which adds such dignity to the proceedings. I invite members of St. Elizabeth and Mater Dei to make such effort this month.

Another formal procedure which is very impressive… and unfortunately many only witness it once, is the 1st Degree Exemplification. This year for the first time all four councils in our District will have their own 1st Degree Team. Attend to such occasions! Not only you will be impressed once again, but you may get more of its fine points, lost the first time in the midst of nervousness. Also, be there to welcome new members to your council; make them feel at home! Your presence may be the catalyst to make these new brother knights active in your own council. Your Grand Knight has the schedule of 1st Degrees for the entire District. Look for those dates in your newsletters, and come join us then. In August, St. Manyanet Council will hold a 1st Degree on Thursday the 27th.

We had a successful attendance to the Membership and Programs Seminar at Good Counsel HS in Olney. By request of Rock Creek Council’s Grand Knight I attended the Church Activities Seminar. I will write a brief summary and will not only pass that to him, but also to the other Grand Knights. I encourage the people from other councils who attended the many other seminars to do likewise and allow the entire District to benefit.

As you all see, there’s still a lot to do; our work has not ended on June 30. Like we did last year, either our Worthy District Warden or I (sometimes both of us) will be at your Council meetings. We look forward to witness the work of each Council, but especially to have the opportunity to meet and socialize with each of you.


E. Roberto Ibáñez, PGK

District Deputy No. 18

“We are Called to Serve”

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